Photo Wall
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PHOTO WALL HIRE - packages from $300 (half roll) or $350 (full roll)




The PHOTO WALL comprises a 3m green screen backdrop supported by two stands and one stand supporting the Photo Wall camera unit 3m in front of the green screen. You stand in front of the green screen and face the  Photo Wall camera unit in front. The Photo Wall unit has a touch screen to allow YOU to customise your photos. 

No rush, the Photo Wall is overnight hire. We deliver on the day of the event and pick up the next morning.

Easy to use touch screen with many user selectable options.

Large green screen - 3m wide x 2.4m high. 

High quality camera (not just a webcam).

Colour or black and white user selectable.

Templates user selectable. Templates can be customised by the user (see below). Click here to see samples.

Your choice of 700 ("Full Roll") or 350 ("Half Roll") package. All prints are 6"x4"  AND YES THEY PRINT OUT AT THE FUNCTION!

Photo or video message.

Host gets a copy of every photo file printed & video messages on USB stick.

Your guests can see all the photo's printed on a local screen.

Party Print included FREE allowing your Guests to send their event photos from their smart phone to the printer and displayed on the screen. Click here for more Party Print details.

Green screen with 1500+ backgrounds to choose from.

Delivery setup and pickup included.

Optional props box for funny photos.

Optional attendant available if required.

What makes our Photo Wall different to the rest?

Simple, with our Photo Wall and Photo Booth the user can create their own customised photo's via the user friendly touch screen. With most other booths this can only be done by the attendant. Attendant's add additional cost to the hire. Our hire rates are far cheaper by not requiring an attendant and providing the facility for the Guests to customise their photo's. Here are some of the things the Guests can customise to create that special photo:

Template - choose one of the many layouts 6" x 4" or 2 x 6"x2" strips
Template background - choose from 1500+ backgrounds
Green screen background - choose from 1500+ backgrounds
Edit caption text, size, colour and position
Select Colour or black and white.
Select photo or 30 second video message. 
FREE Party Print included allowing you to print photos from your smart phone.
Your choice of 700 or 350 photos printed AT THE FUNCTION!

Compare this with the other Photo Booths, ask them if your Guests can customise the photo's themselves during the night! Your Guests will have a fantastic time creating beautiful full sized photo's worth keeping, not just the standard boring 4 photo strips which get thrown away! Can they also send their smart phone photos to the printer and screen? Our photo walls can!

To see all the things you can change in our Photo Booths watch the You Tube instructional video below.

How to create your own custom photo using our Photo Booth


1. What type of Photo Booths do you have for hire?

We have 2 types. One is an enclosed Photo Booth and the other is a Photo Wall.

2. What is the difference between the Photo Booth, Photo Wall and Party Print?

Both the photo booth and photo wall use the same unit. The difference is that the photo booth is enclosed and the photo wall is open. The photo booth can accomodate up to 3 people and is more private. The photo wall is for small or large groups of people. Both have green screen backgrounds. Party Print is the printer and audience display for all the photos. Smart phones can also send photos to Party Print for printing and inclusion with all the other event photos. It comes FREE with photo booth or photo wall. It can also be hired by itself.

3. Do your packages include delivery & setup?

Yes, all photo booth/photo wall/party print packages include delivery & setup with pickup the following day.

4. Do your packages include an attendent?

No. An attendent is Optional. The reason for this is that our booths are user friendly but have additonal features others don't have. Your Guests can take their own photos and if they wish, create customised photos with their choice of layouts, backgrounds and captions. Other photo booths require attendents to customise the photos.

5. How long does it take to setup each system? 

The photo wall takes 45 minutes to setup. The photo booth takes 60 minutes to setup. Party Print takes 15 minutes to setup.

6. How many prints does each package include and why do some photo booths have "Unlimited prints"?

We limit the total prints to 700 or 350 depending on your package AND YES THE PHOTOS PRINT OUT AT THE FUNCTION! 700 is the maximum number of 6"x4" prints on one roll of paper loaded in the printer. 350 is our "Half Roll" package. The "unlimited prints" offered by many photo booths is really limited by the event duration, amount of time each Guest takes for their photo and the printer printing time. Assuming a typical event runs for 7 hours and the Guests take a photo every minute then 420 photos would be printed. On average, events usually only print a few hundred photos. We have never had an event where 700 prints have been used up. If you managed to use up all 700 prints then your Guests can still have their photos taken. They won't print out but you will have the files on USB stick. 

7. Do you have combo deals?

Yes. We offer combo deals with jukeboxes, cocktail machines and marquees. For packages we discount the prices.

8. How much room does the photo booth need?

1.5m x 1.2m against a wall or in a corner.

9. How much room does Photo Wall need?

3m green screen along a wall with the control unit 2m to 3m in front.

10. How much room does Party Print need?

0.7m x 0.7m in a location visible by your Guests so that they can see the photos being taken.

11. Can I print my smart phone photos on Party Print?

Yes. Party Print sets up a local public wifi network that smart phones (iPhone, iPad, android) can connect to. A free app can be downloaded which allows the Guest to take and send event photos to the printer. All printed photos are stored and supplied to the host on USB stick.

12. Can I browse photos? Can I reprint selected photos?

Yes. From the "Browse photos" screen you can review all the event photos, reprint individual photos and bulk upload up to 6 at a time to an email address.

13. Can I have photo booth/photo wall/party print outside?

All equipment must be indoors or under cover. It cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Party Print can be located in a different area to the photo booth/photo wall.

14. Do I get a copy of all the event photos?

No additional printed copies but we do give you a USB stick with all the event photos and video messages plus any smart phone photos uploaded for print. These files can be reprinted at any photo print store.

15. What is a prop box and is it included?

A prop box contains a variety of things that can be used by your Guests during their photo session. It includes hats, wigs, glasses etc. Not everyone wants the prop box so we offer it an as option. 

17. Do your photo booths take video and photos?

Yes. Guests can select photo or 30 second video message.

18. Can my Guests select different photo templates?

Yes. Guests can select from many different templates in the main menu template page. You do not need an attendent to select them.

19. What is green screen and does your photo booth have it?

Our photo booths use advanced "green screen" background technology. Behind you in the photo booth or photo wall is a green coloured screen. When it takes your picture, the green colour is replaced by whatever background photo you have selected. This means you can create special photos where you are on a beach, mountain, jungle etc. If anyone has green clothing then the background picture will appear in their clothing! When this occurs the green screen can be turned off. 

20. Can I change the background in the photos?

Yes. Your Guests can choose the background that replaces the green screen. You do not need an attendent to do that. There are 1500+ backgrounds to choose from. 

21. Are your photo booths touch screen based or buttons?

Our photo booths are advanced touch screen based. The older models use buttons.

22. Is there an audience screen to display photos during the event?

Yes. Party Print has a monitor that continuously displays all the photos taken at the event. It doesn't have to be next to the photo booth. It can be located in a position that can be viewed by all the Guests.

23. Does the photo booth use a webcam or SLR camera?

We only use high quality SLR cameras as they produce a high quality photo. Webcams are used in some other photo booths but produce lower quality photos.


Description Unit Price
Photo Wall including up to 700 prints. Delivery/pickup inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area is free. Per night $350
Photo Wall including up to 350 prints ("Half Roll"). Delivery/pickup inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area is free. Per night $300
Delivery & pickup outside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area and up to Coledale and down to Gerringong.   Ask
Late night pickup (if required)   Add $30
Attendant - photo walls are user friendly but if you prefer an attendant   Per hour Add $50
Prop boxes (2) - wigs, glasses, moustache, lips etc.   Add $50


Description Unit Price



TWIN BOWL Cocktail Machine including delivery, setup and pickup plus 2 standard base mixes of your choice. Delivery/pickup inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area is free. ($50 off normal price)

Per night ADD $170



Music only Jukebox. Delivery/pickup inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area is free. ($50 off normal price)

Per night ADD $100



Series 2 DIGITAL Music Video Karaoke Jukebox (one style shown), 2 mics, monitor for singer, FREE disco light. Delivery/pickup inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area is free. ($50 off normal price)

Per night ADD


Party Print when hired with a photo wall is FREE Per night FREE!